The project in school at the moment is to design a church. A fun but difficult task... what should a church be nowadays to make people go there?

Anyways, to study the treatment of the daylight in a church building, we were sent off to different churches. My excursion went to Klippan, Skåne, and St Petri church by Sigurd Lewerentz.It's an amazing church, very dark and mysterious but not threatening. These sketches show how the window glass is applied to the outside of the wall, hence invisible from the inside.

Learn more about the church here and here.

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When I was in Paris, I was amazed at the popularity of graphic novels and that kinda stuff. Among adults! Everyone reads them on the metro, I never saw that on the trams of Gothenburg. Most bookstores (Fnac is a great one) have a huge department of graphic novels.

While browsing the shelves of the Virgin Megastore, I came across this guy Voutch. One frame cartoon strips collected into several books.
Lemme tell you...this is a guy who knows his colors.
Every picture has a lovely mood and the colors are subtle with the occasional pop. And the cartoons are funny too, this is a reason to practice one's French!

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A totally random pic...

..to celebrate my return from Paris. This is a cute couple that I found somewhere on the www, transformed by me into graphite on paper. If you recognize yourselves, cute couple, lemme know what you think of the pic.

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