A yellow guy for Easter

Happy Easter everybody!

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A lovely lady in a nice swimsuit.

It's fun to use both pencil and pens and ink of different kinds. Two different expressions combined into one drawing!

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Andrew Loomis.

This is an amazing guy if you're into figure drawing, check him out. Several of his books are available online here, which is good. I can totally get lost for hours in here...


Mountain fog

Small watercolor painting I did a couple of weeks ago.
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She-male Marilyn impersonator...

Another quick drawing attempt.. This one is nice as such, but there is absolutely no similarity to the reference. Well, that's part of the charm, isn't it? I haven't drawn from pics in ages and it really shows. The eye-hand coordination withers over time if it's not maintained. The best practice is live models and MANY quick sketches. I took an evening class once and I could really feel the progress rushing through me from one week to another.
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Upside down.

Drawing stuff from a reference picture can be real hard. Especially if you're trying to do a self portrait. You have all these thoughts on how you look that can really disturb the process of seeing and drawing. A tip is to put the reference upside-down and draw like that.
Here's my first attempt to capture myself. I am semi-pleased with the similarity. But the upside-down thing is really interesting. I think I'll try it some more.

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Landscape painting is fun. And kinda hard. Light and mood is hard to get the way you want it.
I recently checked out Terragalleria for inspiration, it's a great site with pictures from lots of national parks.

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Some trees..

I often find green colors hard to work with. Although the composition is a bit boring on this one, I am quite happy with how the greens behaved.

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More poppies for my mother.

It's hard to get all the folds of the flowers right. Here's another try.
This one I think will end up as a birthday gift from my mother to a friend of hers.

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Poppies for my mother.

My green-fingered mother has a thing for poppies. I can understand her.
They're so thin and papery and handle the light in a fantastic way. Plus it seems that they can grow just about anywhere. When I was in Rome there were poppies growing on the freeway, right on the side of the road.

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Another quick nude

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Watercolor is hard to get in the right places, although you shouldn't try too hard to get it there either..
The body is allright, the face got a bit messy.

I was inspired by a picture from xupacabras, a lovely photoblog about which I know nothing. Except that it's lovely.


Lovely linework...

...can be found in the works of Egon Schiele (Austrian artist 1890 - 1918) . His pictures may be a bit kinky (he was actually arrested for that) , but they're still very beautiful and sensitive. I love how the colors are used to make the pictures pop. And the lines! Lines like this are rarely seen. They are very vivid, a bit cocky even. Still, they describe the form in a fantastic way. A true source of inspiration if you're interested in "anatomy". (hardy har har...)

Check out some more of his stuff HERE.

a couple of quick nudes...

...to catch the eye of y'all.

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Welcome dear readers and viewers.

I love to draw and paint!
Preferably there is a message or purpose within the artwork, but pure study of the medium entertains me a lot as well. I find drawing and painting relaxing, but still challenging, a sweet meditation if you will. Here you will be able to see my attempts to get a grasp of watercolor, acrylics, digital art and a bunch of other stuff... comments are welcome.

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